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Desirability And Charm In A Bottle

We live in a time where public and personal friction and conflicts are becoming increasingly common. It has always been challenging to have people around us to fall in our favor in the times we needed most. Some of us may even admit that we’d dream to be desired and hoped to have our favorite person notice us.

That is where Allure™ comes in. Its purifying scent is the perfect pair for you on your next date, or to be magnetic to grab anyone’s attention, or for any pleasant night with your significant other! With a few drops, you can set the mood and a lighter atmosphere, so you can turn your day into something more pleasurable and satisfying.

Change the way you live and ignite passion all around with Allure™!

Be Alluring And Captivating With Allure™

Allure™ is derived from a fragrance that was once part of ancient Egyptian’s glory. It is formulated to mask even the strongest body odors and extinguish the unpleasant smell of pollution in our cities. Composed of white jasmine, cardamom, myrrh, and olive oil, Allure™ is a thicker, non-alcoholic blend, that lingers twice as long as modern fragrances.

These ingredients contain alkaloid aporphine – a chemical known as a dopamine receptor agonist, meaning it activates dopamine receptors by mimicking dopamine within the brain and producing similar effects to the native neurotransmitter, such as attraction, motivation, increased mood, and euphoria.

Ultimately it releases a sweet, irresistible scent that soothes the mood, while igniting romance, intimacy, and spark attraction for those who seek to improve the quality time spent with their partner.

The Wonders Of Allure™

  • Ignites romance and intimacy
  • Improves desirability and charisma
  • Strengthens personal relationships and bonds
  • Improves public engagement
  • Boosts motivation and improves mood
  • Relieves stress and boosts confidence
  • Promotes emotional and mental aptitude
  • Masks body odor and external pollution
  • 100% natural and safe for all skin types

Directions For Use

  • Mix 2-4 drops of Allure™ with carrier oil, gently massage on wrists and neck.
  • Or pour the same amount in your diffuser if preferred.
  • Allow the fragrance oil to enchant the air around you, setting the perfect atmosphere.

*You should always do a patch test to assess your risk for allergic reactions. Proceed if no side effects occur. Discontinue use if a rash, redness, or any form of skin irritation develops. Not for direct use on face

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