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To date, there are a number of reasons that stop us from utilizing our mental capacity to its fullest and some of these factors such as lack of sleep, stress and genetics could pose a challenge for us to provide better mental performance for our daily tasks.

But stress no more as you can now experience better clarity from within with Astute™!

Better Disposition In Every Drop!

Astute™ is purely extracted from Salvia sclarea, better known as clary sage, utilizing cutting-edge distillation process to ensure its potency and purity.

It has a clear refreshing and invigorating scent that is commonly used for aromatherapy treatment because of its stress-busting properties. This is because clary sage helps in decreasing cortisol (stress hormone) in the body, giving way to a calm disposition and clarity of thought. This state of mind will then promote better focus.

Combined with the all-natural plant compound, resveratrol, our cognitive functions will be further boosted by Astute™, allowing us to speed up any learning curves, improve memory capabilities and to have faster, clearer and accurate judgements.

Not only does Astute™ relieve stress and enhance mental functions, it is also an ideal and effective remedy for those who suffer most from psychological problems such as severe anxiety, insomnia, depression and dementia as it provides an elevated mood and calmness

Amazing Benefits Of Astute™

  • Strengthens mental performance
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Enhances focus and alertness
  • Expands memory capacity
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Boosts sleep quality
  • Reduces risks of brain decline

How To Use Astute™:

Inhale: Drip 4-5 drops into a diffuser and gently breathe in this earthy aromatic blend.

Bathing: Add 6-8 drops into a hot bath for ultimate relaxation.

Massage: Add 6-8 drops into your carrier oil for an energizing massage on pressure points.

*NOTE: For best results, 5 bottles are needed to complete one full treatment.

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"I work as an accountant and my work is constantly stressing me out. In my head, there was only never-ending deadlines and sometimes I only slept like 3 hours just to fix my mistakes or what I have missed out. My work-life balance was terrible until I found Astute™. Ever since I started using it, I have been relieving stress effectively, like for long hours. I also realized my mind could focus on every detail without feeling drained and the next thing I know, I finished my work within just a couple of hours from what used to take me several days! Seriously, thank goodness there’s Astute™."

Emmy Grace, NY

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"So, my wife has been talking about how Astute™ has helped many children to perform better academically. I was really skeptical, but I can’t win over my wife, and there was no harm trying. So, I bought it and I was really surprised it worked on my daughter because she’s a hyperactive kid and it was really difficult to get her attention. But now, she could really focus on us, on her homework, in school and her results had improved tremendously. There was finally peace for the both of us as well. Truly worth the shot!"

Clinton Butler, TX

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"I’m 65 this year and guess what, I had dementia in January but I didn’t sit and wait till it get worse of course. I tried everything from exercising, taking supplements for memory to lowering my stress levels but all of them didn’t work. Until my daughter gave me this, I applied it every day and it worked. I remember how to return home if I went out, I remember what time it is and I remember my family members. When I return to my doctor, he was even shocked to see my huge improvement in memory and asked me what I did. Highly recommend you all to try it!"

Gwyneth Johnston, CA

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