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The Auspicious Gold Amulet

The Auspicious Gold Amulet is an amulet that brings luck and prosperity to the wearer. It's designed based on the ancient Chinese jewelry called the Longevity Lock or Charm Lock.

During ancient time, Chinese grandparents often gift the longevity lock to their grandchildren as a protection, nowadays it is still widely used in Feng Shui.

With the help of Feng Shui, this amulet not only provides protection, while it helps to attract good luck, as well as prosperity to the owner

How Does Auspicious Gold Amulet Work?

The Auspicious Gold Amulet has an amazing energy potential. In order to gain money, it needs to be attracted somehow.

For it to be more effective, it is better to tell it your wishes and desires. Feng Shui experts claim that this will increase the potency of the amulet by several factors.

The amulet also received the blessing from the monk from temple through consecration. With it you can achieve a fortune of life, wealth, and happiness.

The Properties of Auspicious Gold Amulet

  • Transfers the powerful monetary energy to its owner
  • Preserves existing capital
  • Gives luck and well-being to the family

As more time passes, the amulet will accrue more and more power and strength. Unfortunately, in the modern world, the attitude towards this type of power has been lost and only recently has it regained mainstream attention. 

The amulet haven’t lost their strength significance and, to make them work, you only need to believe that it can work for you, have faith on it, then it will assist you.

The Power of Auspicious Gold Amulet

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Protection and Healing

It is a protective talisman against evil. It helps to control emotions and aids in avoiding and overcoming temptations and distractions. It keeps the faith and assists in the successful development of the future.

Relationships Improvement

It exercises your charm and helps to win against a rival. It ties a strong bond with the carrier to give confidence and strength and therefore aids in attraction.

Wealth Attraction - Money and Business

It helps in awakening the potential and boosts charisma. It increases the carrier's intuition and helps in achieving good results to promise a winning match.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What is the Amulet made of?

The Auspicious Gold Amulet is made of gilded Zinc alloy. It is hypoallergenic which makes it suitable for anyone without the fear of allergic reaction.

If My Family And Friends Want It, Should I Buy It For Them Too?

With our Buy More Save More program, it is a good idea to buy more to enjoy the extra savings. What's even better is that when you buy the amulet for others, you are actually helping them to get a proper life like you do.

What is the measurement of the Amulet?

  • Long: 40MM
  • Height: 29MM
  • Thick: 3MM
  • Weight: 21g

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