Defender™ (RFID Blocking Wallet)

Block from RFID scanners & Protects your personal information

A BBC report recently showed how thieves can walk through a shopping center and gather contactless credit card details from over 50 cards in less than 20 minutes simply by walking up close to people with a scanner. Credit & Debit Card fraud has risen over 31% due to wireless theft in recently years. Protect your money, identity and information safe!

Say hello to the innovative wallet of the future! This high-end minimalist wallet is made with 100% real carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum. 

Holds Everything You Need Securely

It can It securely holds up to 15 of your credit cards in place without the bulky clutter of a traditional wallet. Plus, the money clip on the back safely holds up to 10 cash bills. The smart RFID Blocking technology keeps your valuable assets safe and secure against sneaky data thieves with powerful RFID chip. 

Travel safely & securely with confidence!

Integrated Money Clip

The money clip allows you to secure several bills to the outside of your wallet in a traditional money clip form. The proprietary metal clip is designed for enhanced security and reliability.

Easily Access Your Card Fast

Compact but yet adequate - it can be hold up to 12 cards easily. A unique and minimalist design. Push thumbs arc to access your cards easily! The money clip that firmly hold cash and card can be easily removed. 

RFID Blocking

Equipped with advanced RFID SECURE Technology to block 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals and protect the valuable information from unauthorized scans. 

Strong & Durable

Stronger and more durable than carbon fiber, this forged carbon fiber wallet could last for a lifetime. Smooth surface and fine texture, which is a sign for great craftsmanship and dedication.

How To Use:

Just inside the cards (identity card, driving license, credit cards and more inside the wallet). Now you can walk or travel with safety and confidence! 

Over 50,000 Satisfied Customers And Counting

Don't take our word for it - see what all the buzz is about.

"Organise, Protect and Select your cards easily. I almost forget about fumbling with fat wallets & card cases that require me to handle a stack of cards to find the one I want. This wallet was designed with RFID technology that blocks unwanted scanning devices from hacking into your credit, debit and other ID’s that use RFID technology. Glad that I had it. Now I can travel around without worrying"

Sadie Austin, DE

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"Delighted with this wallet. It seems well made and the design is excellent. I keep 3 embossed credit cards and my driving licence in the inner, protected section. Not just to prevent them being scanned but also the strong metal case stops them bending or breaking the chips. The small size means it fits in any pocket and the mechanism to get the cards works well. Highly recommend!"

Bradley Hutchinson, NY

✔  Verified Purchase

"I have been using this for a while and I love them. They fit nicely in my "everyday" wallet but can easily slip into a travel wallet or into any purse. So anti-thief is tricky as you don't know if it works until someone steals your information.  They're nothing fancy to look at, but provide the necessary card protection!"

Linda Ferguson, GA

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