Grinder Saw Disc
Grinder Saw Disc
Grinder Saw Disc
Grinder Saw Disc

Grinder Saw Disc

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Get Ready To CUT, CARVE and SHAPE! 

This state-of-the-art accessory allows you to get your work done in no time, & you will be able to make pieces that you have always dreamed of with ease! Perfect for sculpting, maneuvering & working on any kind or of wood. Sculpt the inside and out of bowls with ease & precision. Grind away all of those annoying wood chips, & make the surface in which people ask; “how did you get that finish?”. 


  • Premium Material - This grinder saw disc is made of premium steel, 4-inch diameter chain 22 tooth fine cut carving.
  • Smooth Cutting - The circular saw blades provide a smooth "finished" surface which is great for minimal sanding afterward.
  • Function - takes the muscle work out of cutting, carving, removing, and sculpting of wood, plastics, ice, and hard rubber.
  • Wide Application- Great for curved work, such as inner bowls, resin, plywood, melamine, wood, stone, metal, plastic cutting and
  • Chain Features- The chain consists of consecutive left and right teeth, twice the amount of regular teeth combined with the speed rotating between 10,000 to 14,000 rpm.



When using the angle grinder, protective gloves are needed. Before use, please make sure that it is well installed. It is not recommended to use the switch lock function on a grinder. This can lead to serious injuries. It is better to use with a variable speed angle grinder with a trigger.



  • Material: Alloy SteelColor: Silver+Orange
  • Grinder Saw Disc Arbor size: 5/8" (16mm)
  • Diameter: 4"/Fits For 4" (100mm) or 4-1/2" (115mm)
  • Angle Grinder-Maximum speed (rpm): 10000 - 14000 RPM
  • Wheel thickness: 0.5cm