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Lord Jesus On The Cross

Jesus on the cross is commonly known as the Crucifix and is one of the most powerful, recognizable images in the world. Unlike a
simple cross, the crucifix features the figure of Christ being crucified.

It reminds us that Jesus’ suffering was for our benefit—our sins will be forgiven and we will gain everlasting life; after our death, we’ll experience no more pain, suffering, sadness, or anything bad.
Jesus on the cross also plays a supportive role in our lives. 

It reminds us that just like Jesus if you persevere through the difficult times, you’ll get through it and ultimately be rewarded. The next time you feel you’re all alone, look at the cross pendant
and you will feel better.

The Lord Jesus Crucifix Pendant Necklace

The Lord Jesus Crucifix Pendant Necklace is a necklace made for everyone to hold on to our faith in Lord Jesus.
The pendant is carefully crafted by priests, as a blessing to all the followers around the world.
The pendant is carved with Jesus on the cross, with the word INRI which represent "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" on the cross, and the the necklace has been consecrated with holy water.

With all these elements together, it possesses the power to attract wealth, luck, and positive energy to the wearer. Lord Jesus will guide you to the right path and give you courage & strength to move forward and face
any difficulties in life.

The Benefit Of Jesus Crucifix Pendant Necklace:

✓ To attract fortune, success, and wealth
To overcome obstacles
To bring good luck with positive ‘chi’ energy and gives spiritual protection
To ward off evil or negative thinking
✓ Losing possessiveness and gaining concentration
✓ Brings you joy and peaceful vibrations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to use Jesus Crucifix Pendant Necklace?

Just wear the Jesus Crucifix Pendant Necklace on your neck and feel the power!  

Who is suitable for using a Jesus Crucifix Pendant Necklace?

Minors under the age of 16 and elderly people over the age of 70 are not recommended to using Jesus Crucifix Pendant Necklace. This is because they might not suppress the vital and aggressive energy from the fierce creature. Besides that, female should not wear it during pregnancy too.

Where should I place it when I am not using it?

Keep in a ventilated place when you are not using it.

What is the measurement of the Jesus Crucifix Pendant Necklace?

  • Color: Silver
  • Length of Rope: 56mm
  • Weight:+/- 10.6g

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