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The Myth of Chinese 12 Zodiac 

Chinese zodiac sign existed 1000 years ago. Its history seems to be empowered by some mysterious energy or they are more commonly known as "Feng Shui".

Zodiac sign are presented by 12 beasts which represents by 12 animals which are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog & pig. Each zodiac are "beneficial", “restrain" or "neutral" to one another. 

The combined 12 zodiac together forms a strong balanced magnetic field that protect the owner from all bad incidents while improving his/her luck for all aspects include wealth, relationship, health and others.

Feng Shui + Law Of Attraction = Magic

Feng shui is a way of looking at our environment and finding a way for the energy to become balanced;

The Law of Attraction is concerned with positive thinking & drawn the positive things into your life.

With these two complementary philosophies together, you can transform your personal energy as well as the energy of your life to send a highly powerful, uniform message to the universe.

This is why our bagua zodiac pendant is created based on both principles.

What can it bring ?

  • Transfers the powerful monetary energy to the owner;
  • Works exclusively to add income
  • Preserves existing capital
  • Gives luck and well-being to the family
  • As more time passes, the pendant accrue more and more power and strength. Unfortunately, in the modern world, the attitude towards this type of power has been lost and only recently has it regained mainstream attention.


  • You've had feel lost and helpless for this entire time.
  • You feel sad and low magnetic energy.
  • You want to protect yourself from evil spirits.
  • You are unable to do something well.
  • Your business or sales are dropping.
  •  You feel you have inner power that has not been awaken.

If even ONE of the above fits you, you need to click the button below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the JiuGong Bagua Zodiac Pendant made of?

JiuGong Bagua Zodiac Pendant is made of high-quality titanium steel, which is more durable to use. It does not contain any harmful elements and will not harm your body.

What is the JiuGong Bagua Zodiac Pendant represent for?

The JiuGong Bagua Zodiac Pendant represents the balanced energy formed by 12 zodiac sign. It had go through rituals by Master Qing Shui, a senior tibet monk. It brings luck and positive energy to the wearer while defending from negative things. 

Is this necklace suitable for both male and female?

The necklace is suitable for both male and female.

What is the measurement of the necklace?

  • Size: 3.5cm x 4cm
  • Length: 55cm
  • Weight: +-16g

If my family and friends want it, should I buy it for them too?

With our Buy More Save More program, it is a good idea to buy more to enjoy the extra savings. What's even better is that when you buy the necklace for others, you are actually helping them to get a proper life like you do.

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Real Energy Assistance

Real Energy Assistance

The JiuGong Bagua Zodiac Pendant might not be working as immediately, sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks, up to several months, before you will start taking in new wealth. 

You need to always bonding with it in order for it to have the power necessary for your enrichment.  Money will come from everywhere. You will quickly move up the career ladder, you can win the lottery, or a long forgotten debt will be repaid to you. 

This is your own pendant so do not give it to strangers. Let it bring you success and prosperity. Good luck!

JiuGong Bagua Zodiac Pendant

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